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5 anti-ageing treatments that don't involve a needle!

27th February 2015

Anti Ageing Injectable client

At sk:n clinics, we see more clients each day than any other dermatologist, carrying out a million laser hair treatments in the last ten years alone. When you add in the thousands of annual treatments we give for rejuventation, tattoo removal and acne, it's no surprise to learn we're the most highly referred network by GPs and Health Care professionals for their patients' skin concerns.

Because we treat such a breadth of skin concerns and clients, we know that people have very individual tastes when it comes to letting doctors near their skin! Some clients prefer to get have long courses of milder peels, for example rather than three deeper ones to regenerate their skin. Some clients like to set about removing excess hair from top to toe, whereas others are more cautious and prefer to see the effects on one area before proceeding to another.


Given the flexibility we have in appointment times and course length, we can accommodate most clients' needs. This also extends to women, (and men!) who wish to slow down the signs of ageing but for one reason or another, don't feel ready for injectables.

We talked to Jan, a regular client of ours, to understand her point of view.

"I'm 43 now and have noticed the creeping signs of age for a good ten years. It started with lines around my eyes, which to be honest, I didn't mind too much. The frown marks between my eyes I mind more however - there's always some person snapping away on their phone and uploading whatever we've done that day to Facebook. When I sit down at night and have a look, I usually end up groaning at how severe I look. A lot of my friends in the village where I live have started having some injectables for this reason, but, I don't know. I just feel reluctant to."

It's not that I'm scared of needles, I just prefer taking stuff away to putting it in!

"I came to sk:n to find out if there were any alternatives. It's not that I'm scared of needles, and to be honest, after my consultation I did feel warmer towards the idea as the whole set up is so medical. I think for a few years though I just feel happier with taking stuff away rather than injecting it in! After talking to Tracy, the nurse at my clinic, I learnt that there are plenty of other anti-ageing treatments to tackle the lines and wrinkles I'm now seeing."

Tracy says, "For people who don't feel like they want injectables, there is still plenty of highly impactful treatments we can offer. Basically, promoting the body to shed the old skin and create new, dull, lined skin will be smooth out these signs. Many of our treatments also promote the production of extra collagen, giving an extra plumping effect. A course of Dermapen is excellent in this regard, and the downtime is often as short as 24 hours. Deeper resurfacing treatments, such as CO2RE and Fraxel go further, or of course, there are also deep acting peels of varying strengths to suit your skin tone and condition.



Finally, Isolaz, a blue-light skin vacuum treatment is not only amazing for acne, but for enlarged pores. Clients in their forties and fifties notice a dramatic anti-ageing effect after treatment. Read more, on our treatment pages or pop into clinic near your for a free consultation on how which treatments we can offer which precisely meet your needs."

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