Blogs from February 2015

  • Top 5 reasons to visit a dermatologist

    Everyone finds themselves with the odd skin concern that they're not sure whether to ignore or get it checked out by a qualified dermatologist.... read more

  • Acne and bullying

    Unfortunately those who live with severe acne have likely received some kind of negative behaviour from others about it. In fact, a recent study has found that 57% have experienced verbal abuse because of their acne.... read more

  • Zap those pimples at home

    With spots and break outs being so common, it's no surprise that people are always looking for a quick and convenient way to clear up their skin. At-home treatments are particularly popular, despite often having high price tags, because of this considerable convenience.... read more

  • The effects of diets on your skin

    Every year there seems to be a new fad diet arising; one that celebrities endorse and promises significant weight loss in just a short amount of time. Unfortunately, any weight lost during the diet is often put on once the person goes back to their regular eating patterns. Not only this, but extreme diets can have surprising and sometimes dangerous side effects on the body. ... read more

  • Korean Skincare: What you need to know

    Different cultures and regions are known for different things; their fashion trends, their recipes, and even their skincare regimes. South Korea seems to be where all the latest skincare breakthroughs and revelations occur; and its residents invest in their skin.... read more

  • 5 anti-ageing treatments that don't involve a needle!

    Given the flexibility we have in appointment terms and course length, we can accomodate most clients' needs. This also extends to women, (and men!) who wish to slow down the signs of ageing but for one reason or another, don't feel ready for injectables. We talked to Jan, a regular client of ours, to understand her point of view.... read more

  • Permanent makeup can be a permanent nightmare

    The latest biggest makeup trend making the headlines at the minute is permanent makeup, with the number of patients tripling. This practice enables you to finally have perfectly shaped eyebrows, red lips and lovely straight eyeliner. However, as demand for permanent makeup increases, research claims that the number of disasters caused by malpractices have also risen.... read more

  • Why am I feeling itchy and scratchy?

    Feeling itchy and scratchy and don't understand where it's coming from? Well, there are a number of things that could be causing it. One of these may be stress but no need to worry, we have researched the relation between itchiness and anxiety and what you can do to diminish this.... read more

  • Foods to fight eczema

    Wintry weather is never a good sign for eczema as the cold may increase redness and dryness to your skin. But it's not just the biting cold that can cause problems - as you cover up your skin with woolly jumpers and scarves the fibres can chafe and irritate your skin, only making things worse. We've therefore compiled a list of foods that can help fight eczema because, as you may already know, what you eat has a significant impact on your skin.... read more

  • The History of Hair Removal

    Fashion trends play an important role in society and when looking into hair removal, whether having body and facial hair or not, has been suggested to delineate an ideal beauty. We have researched about the different hair removal trends over the years and where they first originated.... read more

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