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That time of the month? It's the perfect time to get a treatment.

9th August 2015  : 

so Many effects

Along with affecting your mood, the menstrual cycle affects the skin. This is because the epidermises, the cells that protect the outer layer of skin, are replaced with new ones every two to four weeks in order to repair damaged skin and to respond to inner hormones that cause you to become oily, spotty and wrinkled.

Here is a breakdown of how your skin is impacted during the menstrual cycle period and what you can do to keep it looking and feeling great.

The monthly cycle starts on the first day of your period and this is when the body produces more prostaglandin, a hormone that causes contractions in the uterine walls during menstruation. This hormone increases pain sensitivity, making spots feel more painful. As your period starts, hormones drop, including progesterone and oestrogen, and this affects your mood.

This lack of oestrogen in your blood will make your skin feel drier, and wrinkles will appear more obvious. So, you should have something at hand that contains hyaluronic acid, like our Sensicure Cream, a daily cream that helps hydrate the face and helps calm irritated skin.

One week later

After seven to ten days your ovaries begin to produce oestrogen. This plumps skin cells and encourages the production of collagen; a naturally occurring protein, which gives the skin its strength and elasticity. It’s rare to develop spots during this period as new skin cells are formed.

All of this suggests that it's the perfect time for Skin Peel treatments to exfoliate the skin and speed up cell turnover. This will remove dry patches and dead skin cells, leaving the skin looking brighter and feeling refreshed.

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