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The Magic of Micellar Water

3rd August 2015  : 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you will be well aware of the skincare revolution that is Micellar Water; the latest beauty must-have that everybody seems to be raving about. Despite our bathroom shelves having been packed with cleansers, make-up removers and moisturisers for years – many people are suggesting this could change everything! So what is so different about this “new” product? And why should we consider altering our skincare regime for it?

Although many people believe that Micellar Water is a new breakthrough in the beauty industry, the product has in fact been around for decades. Originating from France, the product was created when the troublesome plumbing system resulted in water being too harsh to clean the skin. Micellar Water is made up of tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules, which are suspended in soft water. Dirt and oil are attracted by these oil molecules (which are called micelles, by the way), allowing the face to be cleansed thoroughly without the skin drying out. It is for this reason that Micellar Water is recommended for those with dry/sensitive skin, as it is much incredibly hydrating and does not contain alcohol like many products.

One of the most remarkable things about Micellar Water is its versatility; it can be used as a cleanser, make-up remover and moisturiser! The consistency of the product appears to be similar to that of water, and is best applied using a cotton ball or pad. These qualities make it the perfect product to use when travelling this summer as not only it is multi-purpose, but it doesn’t even need to be applied with water!

There is one small warning however, which is that Micellar Water is not recommended for those with oily skin. If your complexion is prone to excess oil, swapping your traditional cleansers for this product is not recommended. But apart from that, I think it’s easy to agree, that we are all thrilled that this fantastic product has made a comeback!

Here at sk:n we have recently launched our own version of Micellar Water, which is the sk:n Extra Gentle Pre and Post Procedure Cleanser! This incredible product contains Micellar Cleansing Water, Mint Extract and Calendula Extract – all of which are incredibly kind to the skin! Keep your eyes peeled for this revolutionary product which will be arriving into clinics and on our website in the upcoming months!

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