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Harry Styles' placenta facials.

4th August 2015  : 

It seems celebrities are no longer relying on stage make-up and good lighting alone to show off flawless skin; One Direction's heartthrob, Harry Styles reportedly undergoes sheep placenta facials every six weeks to maintain his youthful glow.

How does it work?

The placenta for the treatment is taken from prime New Zealand livestock - the stem cells, which are full of rich nutrients that fight free-radical skin damage, are extracted and then flash frozen.

They are then mixed into a gel containing gold flecks which are slathered over the face after it has been exfoliated, exposed to steam and had the pores opened by LED light from a handheld device.

It's not the most bizzare

But if you think that's unusual, you'll be surprised at the experimental facials other international celebrities have undergone.

Reality star Kim Kardashian had what is referred to as the ‘Vampire facial’, which involves using the patient's own blood to make improvements to the skin. Blood is drawn out of the arm and then spun in a machine to remove platelets before being splattered into the face using small needles.

Source: @KimKardashian

Other celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Amanda Holden have been brave enough to try Thermage - the ironing treatment - to fight wrinkles. The treatment aims to boost the level of collagen in the lower layers of the skin to create a tightening effect. The facial is apparently not the most relaxing one, as Paltrow describes it as like 'being smacked in the face'.

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