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Why celebrities now opt for non-surgical skin treatments

3rd August 2015  : 

The procedures celebrities undergo to maintain their youthful appearances have changed immensely over the last decade. It was once very common for celebrities to go under the knife to enhance their appearance but with rise in non-surgical treatments, surgeries can be avoided for more effective and with which more natural looking results.


Frequent tune-ups

In 2013, Jennifer Lopez took to Twitter to denounce claims that she’s ‘had plastic surgery of any kind'. This raised questions about how the American Idol judge keeps up her youthful, beautiful appearance. A Manhattan based surgeon later suggested “A 40-something actress might not be going under the knife for a major overhaul, but chances are she is doling out for frequent minor tune-ups, which can be even more effective at stopping the clock.”

Source: wikimedia.org

Here’s how you can enhance your beauty and turn back the clock with non-surgical treatments:


Wrinkles are an inevitable part of the natural aging process and can develop for a range of other reasons including sun damage, smoking and dehydration. sk:n offer a range of treatments including Skin Peels which work to exfoliate skin, leaving it refreshed and anti-ageing injectable treatments


Dull looking skin

Dull skin can often look lifeless and make your skin look tired and old. Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment suitable for all skin types, which works to disrupt tired skin cells that cause dull looking skin. This will work to give you glowing skin that is pleasing to the eye without causing damage or discomfort. 

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