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Super Summer Skin

14th April 2015

Summer is on its way, with temperatures rising and holidays in the sunshine getting closer. You want to look your best, but you know there are risks associated with sun exposure. So, how do you look gorgeously tanned and rosy, whilst staying safe?

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Here are four top tips for summer skin exposure:

1. Exfoliate! Get rid of the winter blues by removing dead skin debris with a commercial body scrub preparation and follow up with a hydrating moisturising body cream. Repeat weekly about six weeks prior to your summer holiday.

2. Together with the above, keep your skin hydrated, internally and externally. Up your consumption of filtered water, and use an intensive hydrating masque a couple of times a week. Also, cut down on caffeinated beverages, your skin will thank you!

3. Stop using soap, which dries your skin, and go for moisturising body washes instead. Similarly, cut out lotions and go for oils, which are more easily absorbed by the skin.

4. When you hit the sunshine on the beach, be armed with a high factor sunscreen. Reapply it every two hours and stay out of the midday sun. Choose matt formulas to suit your skin type. Tanning will happen, slowly and safely so be patient.

If you do overdo the sun and suffer burning, be warned that just one blistering sunburn doubles your risk of skin cancer. You can reduce the immediate pain however by applying a commercial soothing, cooling gel to reduce redness and inflammation, and the resultant peeling. Take better care next time!

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