Prepare your skin for the sunshine

Taking good care of skin is vital, especially in the summer months, with various things that can be done to improve the condition of skin both immediately and in the long term.


Protecting your skin is vital when you are outdoors in hot and sunny weather as any sunburn is a sign of damage to the skin by UV rays, which could increase your risk of premature aging and developing skin cancer in the future.

Staying hydrated is vital to maintaining the good condition of your skin. By drinking a lot of water you can make sure that your skin does not dry up under the hot sun. However, you need to space out your water intake throughout the day rather than downing a lot of water in one go.

Certain foods are also good for skin, almonds being one of them. Almonds have lots of monounsaturated fats, which help to develop your skin and cells in a healthy manner.

Long-term skin protection

Keeping your skin in top shape is vital if you want to avoid wrinkling in the long term. People who neglect the condition of their skin are more likely to develop signs of ageing in the long run, so taking time to look after skin really pays off. 

Body brushing is a must to keep your skin looking and feeling great. This exfoliation will remove any dead cells and even prevent ingrown hairs, as well as improving cell renewal rates and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Skin moisturisers are one of the most popular products people use to keep their skin in the best possible condition. A water-based moisturiser is the best type to use as this will absorb into your skin more easily than one that is lotion-based. If possible, use a moisturiser that has honey, aloe or cucumber among its ingredients - these are all great for your skin. Don’t forget to get one with UV protection already in it to avoid having to apply to many products to your skin.

A chemical skin peel is also effective at replenishing the skin cells on your face and keeping it looking fresh. Make sure you follow any recommended aftercare, especially in regards to sun exposure in order to avoid any potential skin damage. 


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