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Is a tattoo an acceptable prank?

29th April 2015

Two friends are currently undergoing laser tattoo removal after ‘pranking’ each other with tattoos on nights out.

It started when Josh Darnbrough performed ill-advised ink work on the leg of his friend Rob Gaskell using a DIY tattoo kit. Although Gaskell had asked for a lizard, the design didn't go as expected so his friend attempted to turn it into first a cross, then later a pair of hands and a gun. The result was a big of a mess. 

So when Gaskell spotted his friend looking suggestible after a drinking session, he felt inspired to get his revenge using some DIY work of his own. Darnbrough awoke to find the words 'If found face down call an ambulance' permanently etched onto his upper back. Luckily the 24 year old support worker still had his sense of humour; he merely shrugged the new tattoo off as just a prank between mates.

Source: http://i2.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/incoming/article9006076.ece/ALTERNATES/s615/JS60825705.jpg

Cases like these are thankfully not common; very few people wake up to find unwanted permanent ink on their body. Thankfully, they will not be stuck with the reminder of their childish exploits. Laser tattoo removal can provide a relief to people who regret their ink; DIY tattoo equipment is opening up the world to potential messes and even health risks.

These two can now support each other through the tattoo removal process which most people don’t have. Choosing the right clinic will require knowing that there is supportive, non-judgemental and experienced staff to guide you through the whole process from consultation to aftercare. 

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