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How to hide your acne

9th April 2015

Acne is damaging - not just to the skin but to the mental health of the person suffering from it. It can leave you feeling depressed, unable to leave the house, and it can affect relationships too. As anyone who's ever suffered from acne will know, it's a lot more than just skin deep. If you're dealing with acne and you'd like some top tips on how to help disguise and hide it, read on...

Less is more

However much you want to trowel on the foundation, don't. Certain heavy makeup can clog pores and make your acne situation worse. Look for products that are non-comodogenic (this basically means they won't block your pores).

Don't avoid moisturiser

If you've got acne you probably feel that you suffer from 'greasy skin' and this can make you less inclined to moisturise. However, moisturiser is key to breaking the cycle of acne. Use the right moisturiser though, ones specifically aimed at acne-prone skin - and you should see an improvement in how 'greasy' your skin is. Un-moisturised skin can actually overcompensate for not getting enough moisture by overproducing sebum - hence the 'greasy' skin.

Mineral makeup

Covering acne can be hard work, so it's best to opt for makeup that will be as kind to your skin as possible. Try a mineral makeup and your skin will thank you for it. To ensure you get the right shade, first buy sample sizes and try at home. Alternatively, pluck up the courage to speak to a specialist at a mineral makeup beauty counter. Remember, to always wash makeup brushes and never share products with friends as this can spread bacteria.

Laser treatment

If you're super fed up and you've got cash in the pot, it could be worth giving laser a go. Laser treatments tackle everything from acne to hyper pigmentation and the scarring that acne can leave behind. Laser helps tackle the bacteria that actually causes acne; it breaks the cycle leaving you with clear skin. So, for anyone suffering with acne, it’s worth considering laser treatments not just for the skin benefits but those on your mental health too.

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