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Getting rid of broken winter skin

1st April 2015

Let’s face it, winter skin is definitely not a joy. However, if you're prepared to put in a little groundwork, it's not something that you have to put up with for long. If you want to banish that dry, flaky, dull-looking skin and boost your looks with healthy, glowing skin, then here are our top tips on just how to do it:

1. Exfoliate

Skin has a habit of hanging around, which can lead you to look rather lacklustre. Get rid of old 'dead' skin by a quick and easy exfoliation. You don't need any super-fancy products, just a simple cleanser, warm water, and a flannel or 'muslin cloth' if you want to be a bit posh about it. Wash your face as normal then dry it by rubbing your flannel or cloth in circular motions. Don't be afraid to really get stuck in there!

2. Products with Glycolic Acid in

Glycolic Acid is a beauty trade trick because this handy little ingredient helps slough away dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, new ones underneath. If this is the first time you've used a product with Glycolic Acid in, go easy on your skin as it could be sensitive. If you’re a seasoned expert, glycolic peels are a great way to get a stronger result.

3. Moisturise

Once you've prepped your skin by following the above tips, it's time to moisturise. After all, there's no point moisturising if all you're doing is moisturising dead skin cells! Don't be afraid of moisturiser - if you choose the right one for your skin type it won't leave you looking greasy. Even acne-prone skin should be moisturised, as under-moisturised skin can lead to break outs too.

4. Intensive night care

If you really need to give your skin a boost, invest in a decent night cream. Apply before bed, lie back, and let the cream work its magic. What's more, the more good quality sleep you get, the more refreshed and renewed your skin will look too - another great way to ensure you leave that dull winter skin behind you.

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