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How to deal with makeup allergies

24th April 2015

Source: http://www.legalsigns.co.uk/sites/default/files/imagecache/product_full/Warn255-Irritant.jpg

Allergic reactions can be extremely distressing. If you've used a product with no problems for months or even years, and yet suddenly have itchy, flaky red patches all over your face, it can not only make you feel unsightly but it can be a problem in terms of using make up in the future, especially for the seasoned beauty-junkie. 

Severe reactions requiring a hospital visit are thankfully rare, but eczema and contact dermatitis as a result of a reaction of a pigment, preservative or fragrance are very common, and most of us will experience something similar at some point in our lives. Frustratingly, once a reaction has been triggered, many cosmetics across most brands are then off the table, as most manufacturers are using the same ingredients. 

However, achieving cover with minimal makeup is possible - once your skin has settled down, try a few fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic products, preferably with no preservatives. You will need to monitor your skin for any reaction, but if the common triggers have caused your allergy, you should be able to wear these without problems. Mineral make up might present a possible solution if additives found in many other commercial brands are causing your skin to flare up. 

If nothing is working, pay attention to skincare; both from within by drinking plenty of water and from the outside by using the best quality skincare products that you can afford. Again, avoid heavy fragrances and pore-clogging creams, as these can lead to further allergic reactions. Petroleum jelly is a great option will help to keep brows in shape and lips soft, as well as blotting paper to take off any excess oil/shine - your bare face won't feel so bare.

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