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5 Reasons you should cycle to work

30th April 2015

Cycling to work improves your health, the appearance of your skin, your bank balance and the environment all at the same time. 

Source: http://m.natemat.pl/dad58ff896421e747fc8043fbde87201,750,470,0,0.jpg

1. People who cycle regularly tend to enjoy healthier and longer lives. As a form of exercise, cycling offers a win-win situation. It’s low impact and can be done without strain, and so is kind to the joints of your body. The relaxing, regular, rhythmic movement involved in cycling aids in relieving anxiety, and the release of endorphins ensures that you’ll reach work feeling fresh and upbeat. 

2. Cycling is an easy and pleasurable way to lose weight. The level of efficiency with which the body uses up fat and calories climbs during a cycle ride and remains higher for a number of hours afterwards, too. 

3. Cycling regularly can help to make your skin look great. One of the most important functions of your skin is to assist in regulating your body temperature. While you are cycling, this light form of exercise increases the blood flow to your skin by opening up the tiny arteries there so that excess body heat can be released. This enhanced circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, repairing damage caused by the sun and pollutants in the environment as well as clearing out toxins. Better blood flow also improves your body’s collagen production, which helps to keep wrinkles at bay. The end result is that your skin takes on a delightful glow, giving you a fresh and healthy appearance. 

4. The volume of traffic using the U.K.’s crowded roads has increased by over 14% since 1997. More cycling means fewer cars on the roads and a big boon for the environment.

5. The average British family spends around 10% of their disposable income on fuel for the car, much of which is accounted for by the daily commute.The only cost to cycling is the bike itself, and a number of companies offer the Government's cycle to work scheme to give you discounts on buying one. 

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