Blogs from April 2015

  • 5 Reasons you should cycle to work

    ​Cycling to work improves your health, the appearance of your skin, your bank balance and the environment all at the same time. ... read more

  • Is a tattoo an acceptable prank?

    ​Two friends are currently undergoing laser tattoo removal after ‘pranking’ each other with tattoos on nights out.... read more

  • Do you follow your Doctor’s acne recommendations?

    In March 2015, an online article in JAMA Dermatology reported the findings of a small study - that out of 143 respondents, around a quarter habitually failed to take their acne medication either as prescribed, or avoided using it altogether.... read more

  • The ins and outs of body hair removal

    ​Getting rid of unwanted body hair can be a lifelong pastime - because let's face it, it's everywhere. It’s on our legs, bikini area, underarms, and for many, our faces too. Keeping our body hair in check is much easier during the colder months, as it's ok to cover it up under tights and long-sleeved tops. However come summer it's time to bare all, and that's when the real issue of body hair removal comes into play.... read more

  • How to deal with makeup allergies

    Allergic reactions can be extremely distressing. If you've used a product with no problems for months or even years, and yet suddenly have itchy, flaky red patches all over your face, it can not only make you feel unsightly but it can be a problem in terms of using make up in the future, especially for the seasoned beauty-junkie.... read more

  • How can your hormones cause wrinkles and spots?

    Hormones are chemical messengers controlled by the endocrine system, transferring information between sets of cells. They affect our skin in a number of ways throughout our lives.... read more

  • Running can get under your skin

    You’re a runner; therefore you probably take care of your body and eat right, have plenty of fresh air and, of course, exercise. So you will probably be devastated by the idea that your chosen “healthy” sport that leaves you with rosy cheeks can result in numerous dermatological ailments.... read more

  • PCOS diagnosed “bearded lady” gets laser hair removal

    A mother of two with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) will receive funding for laser hair removal treatment to rid her of excessive body and facial hair.... read more

  • Be glad these hair removal “tools” are history

    Removing hair from our bodies is a desire as old as the caveman. Back then, around 20,000 years ago, there is evidence that men shaved their faces with sharpened flint rocks and shells – it was a case of scraping rather than shaving, and the resultant shaving rash must have been terrible to behold!... read more

  • The problem with facial tattoos

    A man ejected from a restaurant for having facial tattoos has been inundated with messages of support from around the world - but it's by no means uncommon for people with artwork on their faces to experience discrimination.... read more

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