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Women show the world their stretch marks with #loveyourlines

14th September 2014

Earlier this year two women Alex Elle and Erika Layne set up a Love Your Lines Instagram account and Tumbler encouraging women to share their stretch marks with the world.

The account quickly grew with 78,000 followers to date. Mostly mothers sharing photos of their stomachs, with most photos achieving thousands of likes and hundreds of supportive comments from other women.

Each photo is accompanied by a reflection on the stretch marks from the women themselves. Most women express the struggle to embrace their new bodies after childbirth, but feel empowered by seeing other women's photos and thoughts.

What the women had to say...

One mum explains "Embracing these lines is no easy task, but I look at my new baby when I'm not feeling beautiful. She is the reason I must remember to celebrate my new body. I don't want her to grow up feeling insecure in her own skin, and I vow be the first woman in her life to set that example. After all, I know one day these bright red lines will blend into the background."

Another mum and fitness inspiration (http://instagram.com/lakeitha_duncan) explains: "My lines represent life. Life that passed through my body, in the form of my 3 healthy baby boys. They also reflect the life that I gave to myself after losing 100lbs this past year."

Alex and Erika have been blown away by the success of the campaign and recently posted “#LoveYourLines was started on a whim and has spiralled into something magical. You all have left your mark on someone's life in a positive way, and for that you should be proud.”

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