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Vanda Thomas experiences the scary side of laser hair removal

12nd September 2014

The story of Vanda Thomas was published last month reporting on how she was left badly scared by a £50 laser hair removal treatment.

What happened to Vanda?

Vanda, from London went to a salon early this year and asked for laser hair removal on a few hairs that she wanted removed from under her chin.

She was told that the ‘intense burning’ she felt during the treatment was normal, but after turning the laser down stayed throughout the 20 minute session.

After waking up to see the affected area was covered in blisters, she visited a doctor the next day. Her doctor told her that she had third degree burns and unfortunately its likely will leave a permanent scar.

Vanda has since been campaigning for tougher rules on laser hair procedures by introducing an official register of approved practitioners, rather than rely on the reputation of the salon alone.

What to look out for?

Laser hair removal can vary in effectiveness for different skin types, but regardless of your skin or hair type if you visit a reputable clinic with trained practitioners, laser hair removal is a safe procedure with the likelihood of any scarring being very rare.

1. Price

Be cautious of salons offering laser hair removal very cheaply. Not only be nervous about ‘too good to be true’ offers, but also think twice about the savings you'll make if you purchased a home laser hair removal kit. You'll be safer in the hands of an expert.

2. Reputation & training

You may have visited the clinic before, but the person administering the treatment could be new, so don’t be scared to ask them lots of questions about their training.

Make sure you receive a thorough consultation on what would work best for you prior to starting the treatment and see relevant before and after photos where possible, asking how many treatments each example had.

3. Follow your instincts

Most clients who have experienced laser hair removal say that it can be uncomfortable and feel a stinging sensation. But go with your instincts, if it seems far too painful then ask your specialist to stop immediately.

What a laser hair removal treatment should look like

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