Vanda Thomas and the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisation’s approved Laser Hair Removal Practitioners Campaign

sk:n clinics supports Vanda Thomas and the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisation’s campaign to introduce an official register of approved practitioners able to carry out laser skin treatments. Vanda experienced first degree burns and severe permanent scarring on her chin following laser treatment with an unqualified beauty therapist.

sk:n are the UK’s leading laser hair removal providers, who first introduced the use of certain laser treatments to the NHS on a partnership basis some 24 years ago; a relationship which now sees more referrals from the NHS to sk:n than to any other provider. Indeed, sk:n’s laser maintenance division. Lasertronics, maintains a growing number of lasers across the industry landscape. No UK organisation has as much laser expertise or experience as sk:n.

 The lasers used at sk:n are safe to use with all skin types and treatment is delivered according to strict medical protocols, as monitored by in-house Medical Directors. Only practitioners who have completed weeks of intensive, supervised training, passed a stringent written exam and have finally achieved full medical sign off are allowed to treat.  It is imperative that practitioners not only know which type of laser is suitable to a particular skin type, but also how to calibrate that laser to perfectly suit that individual’s skin tone. This was clearly not what happened in the case of Vanda Thomas.

Laser treatments can produce highly effective and long lasting results for hair removal, thread vein, varicose vein, acne scarring and pigmentation reduction, anti-ageing and more. However, when used by untrained practitioners the equipment can cause severe injury such as burns and loss of sight.

sk:n clinics was instrumental in informing Professor Sir Bruce Keogh’s review of the Cosmetic Industry in 2013 and were pleased with certain recommendations but always felt it hadn’t gone far enough.. sk:n clinics continues to lobby to have laser included in any further regulatory reviews and pioneers the safe usage of laser equipment, exceeding all mandatory regulatory requirements.

The in-house Medical Directors work with the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services and Treatments You Can Trust campaign to influence government to bring in more regulations, essential for the safe experience of all clients.


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