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Post face peel tips - the do's and don'ts

18th September 2014

Regardless of what face peel you have chosen, it's likely that afterwards your skin may appear flushed or feel a little tight. I'm sure the clinic or salon where you had the treatment gave you some aftercare tips, but here is a summary of some general do’s and don’ts applicable to most face peels.


  • Moisturise and drink plenty of water over the next few days
  • Use cool water and a gentle cleanser in the evening of the day of treatment
  • Keep your face away from direct sunlight or excessive heat for up to a month after your peel


  • Scratch or rub the area of skin that received treatment. Apply a cold compress or soothing products like Chamomile if the skin becomes itchy or burning
  • Go into tanning booth for 3 weeks either side of the treatment
  • Get electrolysis, facial waxing or use depilatories for about a week after the peeling is finished
  • Go swimming in the days after the treatment
  • Drink alcohol or apply makeup on the day
  • Wet your face for 3 hours
  • Exfoliate using facial scrubs or acids

Don't be afraid to ask the specialist any questions you have or what to expect in the coming weeks after your peel. An experienced and expert clinic will happily answer all your questions, even after you've left.

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