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Model Ruth Crilly’s Advice on Treating Oily Skin

28th September 2014

Ruth Crilly has an impressive story; a First Class Honours degree in Literature as well as an MA in Creative Writing, all this running alongside her ten year strong international modelling career.

Ruth's website ‘A Model Recommends’ covers a variety of topics including health, travel, beauty and more. Her YouTube channel (of the same name) has over 250,000 subscribers and features a wealth of videos giving her advice on numerous beauty topics.

Model Skincare: My Oily Skin Routine

One video in particular that jumps out is the first of her series dedicated to skincare. She explains that her routine varies depending on numerous factors including where she is in the world, whether she's been on a fashion shoot, the weather, etc.

By testing new products for her website, as well as having to use a multitude of products for her job Ruth finds she often has the problem of oily skin.

Some of her general recommendations include:

  • Oil free makeup remover
  • Avoid strong astringents
  • Ensure all makeup is removed before you go to bed
  • Use moisturiser specific to your skin type

Discover Ruth's full routine and product recommendations here:

Her wealth of experience with beauty products allows Ruth to give detailed advice on how to deal with different skin problems, suggesting various acne treatments.

Struggling with oily skin can be very distressing for people, especially when it leads to nasty breakouts. It is important to talk to a dermatologist about your skin problems before going ahead with any treatment, whether at-home remedies or non-surgical procedures like laser treatment for acne as it will depend on the individual and all.

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