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Middle Class women turn to laser tattoo removal to erase their past

26th September 2014

The UK is pretty well known for their love of getting ‘inked’, with women being particularly fond of it. Up to 29% of the population aged between 16 and 44 are thought to have a tattoo but the British Association of Dermatologists claim a third of them regret their decision.

Choices people make when they're sometimes too young to fully understand the consequences can lead to embarrassment and deep regret later in life. As women grow older and enter new stages of their life, e.g. motherhood, careers, etc, what they thought was an incredible idea when they were 16 may not be something they want permanently attached to them.

Adolescent impulses aren't the only reasons one might regret their tattoo choice for instance, it may remind people of a painful memory like a break up. One reason that's growing in popularity is that people are finding that having a tattoo doesn't fit into the lifestyle that they are aiming for, i.e. middle class life.

Tattoos are often associated with criminal behaviour, possibly due to the high prevalence rate of tattoos among gangs and prisoners. This can cause a lot of middle-class people to regret their decision, especially if the tattoo is in a particularly obvious place like the wrist or shoulder. Women sometimes feel so embarrassed that they refuse to wear certain clothing so that their ink is constantly covered.

Strategic outfits and cover-up makeup may do a decent job of convincing the world that your tattoo isn't there but you will always know the truth and often the worry of it showing can cause people a lot of distress. Talking to a specialist about laser tattoo removal is one way to deal with the problem instead of hiding it away. Despite the pain, many people say it's 100% worth it to erase their regrets.

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