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Keep your tan lasting that little bit longer

20th September 2014

We know… it's tough. Summers over, the leaves are falling and it's dark when you leave the office. BUT if you're lucky enough to still be holding on to the lasting glow of a late summer holiday tan, here are a few tips to keep it glowing for that little bit longer.

1. Keep you and your skin hydrated

Drink plenty of water and moisturise your skin at least once a day, twice preferably. The top layer of skin sheds every two weeks, so keeping your skin hydrated well help keep your skin soft and supple.

2. Use tan intensifiers and enhancers

Tan accelerators are applied before you sunbath as they speed up or deepen the tanning process. After your holiday you need an intensifier or enhancer, which will enhance a current tan. These apply like a moisturiser and stimulate melanin production to maintain your tan for longer. They can be quite expensive or alternatively just check the after sun cream you used on holiday, as they sometimes include intensifiers.

3. Avoid shaving or waxing

Ideally, having laser hair removal before you holiday will mean that you don't need to shave or wax your legs after your trip.

However, if you haven't yet discovered laser hair removal and reply on shaving and waxing, then avoid doing this as often as you normally would do, as this will strip the top layer of skin. Even an exfoliator may appear gentle, but will still remove the top layer of skin.

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