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Post holiday tips: how to treat a skin peel after a sunburn

7th September 2014

We often forget the consequences sunbathing can bring such as sunburn or feeling faint, so its always extra important to remind ourselves and our travelling companions to regularly hydrate when on holiday in hotter climates.

Sunburn occurs when a high number of skin cells get damaged due to a high level of sunlight exposure. It results in your skin peeling and becoming inflamed and aggravated.

Below are a few tips on how you can deal with sun-damaged and skin peels after a holiday.

1. Wear appropriate clothing

Avoid wearing tight clothes when your skin is sore and still feeling tender from the sun. Tighter clothing is likely to rub against the body and cause more irritation so it’s better to wear looser cotton clothing until your sunburn has healed.

2. Invest in rejuvenation treatments like CO2RE

Rejuvenation treatments like CO2RE and microdermabrasion can help bring the shine back to your sun-damaged skin and stop your skin from peeling.

You can trust a reputable skin clinic like sk:n clinics to restore your skin to its glowing state in just a few sessions. You can get more information on the various skin rejuvenation treatments that are available at our clinics by getting in touch with an experienced dermatologist at one of our sk:n clinics.

3. Continue to moisturise and exfoliate your skin very gently

Drink plenty of water and regularly moisturise and exfoliate your skin very gently. Keep your skin clean and refreshed at all times and your sunburn should heal fairly quickly.

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