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How to keep your skin looking supple from head to toe this Winter

23rd September 2014

The winter can be harsh on our skin, particularly causing dryness and irritation. Here are our tips to keep your body soft and smooth until summer returns:

Arms and Legs

It may seem like an old wives' tale but milk baths are actually really good to keep your skin soft and scale-free. If you don't fancy buying gallons of milk to fill your tub, try a moisturiser that's high in lactic acid (the key ingredient in milk that helps skin).

A moisturiser that contains salicylic acid is recommended for areas of your upper arms that are particularly dry and rough as it exfoliates dead skin cells and helps reduce the appearance of nasty little bumps.


Avoid washing with soap and water as it has a habit of draining your skin of moisture. We recommend you choose a soap-free cleanser or alcohol-free hand sanitiser. Remember to moisturise after use to keep your hands soft and chap-free.


Your feet work hard all day to support you, so the least you can do is treat them every now and then. A pumice stone is great for getting away those nasty calluses, plus regularly coating your feet in a thick moisturiser before bed and covering them with socks will

All over:

We've said it before and we'll say it again: exfoliate! Your skin can absorb a lot more moisture and lotion when it's not covered in layers of dead skin cells. Brighten your skin with a gentle exfoliator, especially for the face, back and chest.

On a final note; be careful to choose the right materials for your sleepwear and bedding. Synthetic materials are more likely to cause irritation, especially if you experience sensitive skin or eczema.

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