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Acne Uncovered: Sarah's story

10th September 2014

Acne Uncovered is a series of videos to raise awareness of the emotional effects on those that suffer with acne.


From childhood to adulthood

Mum and Blogger at ‘Mum of Three World’ is very well equipped to talk about the affects acne can have on your life, having had acne since only 12 years of age, on her face and on her back.

Despite starting acne treatments and medications at 16, she was still suffering from acne well in to her thirties. In fact, despite like many hoping it would be something she would grow out of - it was getting worse.

The solution

Just before turning 40, Sarah approached sk:n Clinics for help. Her skin has been helped by the experts at sk:n, not just the treatments, but the advice and other products all available at the clinics. She calls sk:n Clinics her ‘one stop shop for acne’.

At sk:n Clinics we believe that acne doesn't need to be a life-long condition and we have the solutions to help thousands of acne sufferers. If you suffer from acne, we could help you too.

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