Blogs from September 2014

  • Gender Identity And Laser Hair Removal

    The number of individuals in the UK who struggle with gender identity is still not known, as the large amount of prejudice still present in our society prevents people from being open about it.... read more

  • Model Ruth Crilly’s Advice on Treating Oily Skin

    Ruth Crilly has an impressive story; a First Class Honours degree in Literature as well as an MA in Creative Writing, all this running alongside her ten year strong international modelling career.... read more

  • Middle Class women turn to laser tattoo removal to erase their past

    The UK is pretty well known for their love of getting 'inked', with women being particularly fond of it. Up to 29% of the population aged between 16 and 44 are thought to have a tattoo but the British Association of Dermatologists claim a third of them regret their decision.... read more

  • How to minimise large pores

    Large open-pores not only lead to painful acne breakouts but can also make you very self-conscious about your appearance. Most people who have large open-pores tend to be those who have oily to combination skin type.... read more

  • How to keep your skin looking supple from head to toe this Winter

    The winter can be harsh on our skin, particularly causing dryness and irritation. Here are our tips to keep your body soft and smooth until summer returns:... read more

  • Airbrush your photos like a celeb

    Unless you don't have anything to do with Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we bet you've all had the fear when you've received the "... has tagged a photo of you!" notification or maybe you tend to stick to selfies.... read more

  • Keep your tan lasting that little bit longer

    We know... it's tough. Summers over, the leaves are falling and it's dark when you leave the office. BUT if you're lucky enough to still be holding on to the lasting glow of a late summer holiday tan, here are a few tips to keep it glowing for that little bit longer.... read more

  • Post face peel tips - the do's and don'ts

    Regardless of what face peel you have chosen, it's likely that afterwards your skin may appear flushed or feel a little tight. I'm sure the clinic or salon where you had the treatment gave you some aftercare tips, but here is a summary of some general do's and don'ts applicable to most face peels.... read more

  • Key reasons why your face might be peeling

    Chances are, if you recently experienced sunburn, you are probably aware of it; although sometimes the burns may seem healed before the peeling begins. The reason this happens is because the skin cells were burnt so badly they were killed off, causing the top layer to peel off.... read more

  • Top remedies for reducing crows' feet

    Unfortunately, no matter how much makeup we wear it's not always possible to hide all the signs of ageing. If you're mid to late 30's, it's likely you will understand the emotional pain of crow's feet.... read more

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