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Yes, You Can Get Acne There!

20th October 2014

Living with acne can be extremely difficult, but most people associate acne with the face or back. Although these may be commonly afflicted areas, they are by far not the only ones. Pimples in less predictable areas may be more likely to go untreated either due to embarrassment or from going unnoticed. Here are a few body parts known to experience unsightly spots and some ways on how to deal with them:

Your bottom

There are numerous factors that can lead to acne on the buttocks; dirty or tight underwear, sitting too long, allergies or even your diet. Regardless of the cause, it can be an embarrassing and a tough thing to deal with. You should make sure to wash and exfoliate the area at least once a day in hot water. Make sure to wear breathable underwear and avoid any thick, pore-clogging lotions or creams.

Your ears

Like the rest of your skin, pores inside your ears can become clogged and lead to acne. However, it can often be a difficult area to treat without help. A good tip would be to clean your headphones regularly to diminish the amount of bacteria you introduce into your ears.

Inside your nose

These can be particularly painful, and extended contact with your nostrils can prevent them from healing. Your nose is constantly moist, meaning it is the perfect environment for bacteria to develop, and clog pores. The best way to treat this is to dip a cotton bud in astringent and swab the area.

Trust the experts

If the acne persists or get worse, it's worth a visit to your GP or a talk with a qualified dermatologist as they will be able to advise you on the best course of treatment. Acne can be emotionally difficult and have a destructive effect on your confidence, so it's important not to go through it alone. Having support from your friends and family, along with experienced clinicians, you will be able to treat the cause and work on building that confidence back up.

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