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Will you be throwing a Laser Hair Removal Party?

13rd October 2014

At-home "parties" were pioneered by the company Tupperware in the 1950's, allowing a representative to sell their products to housewives. This marketing technique has been adopted by a variety of companies including Avon and Ann Summers but one trend that's picking up steam is laser hair removal parties.

More and more people are bringing laser hair removal to the comfort of their own homes whilst sharing the experience with their friends and family. Multiple businesses are now choosing to provide these mobile hair removal services, claiming it allows clients to maintain their privacy and stay comfortable.

Are they safe?

Despite the popularity and money saving deals these businesses may offer, you should be wary of trusting this new trend.

These parties are similar to at-home Botox parties and require fewer consent forms than receiving the treatments at a clinic. They also require less insurance approval and fewer prescription recommendations.

Although people may claim this makes them more "fun and laid back" it could mean that you're taking unnecessary risks. By using portable lasers, you can't be sure that they are up to the same standard as those used in clinics.

Without being in a controlled, sterile environment, you cannot ensure you will get the results you're promised and the person performing the treatments may not have the experience or qualifications that you can trust. Clinics like sk:n not only have the medical expertise, they have safe environments where you can be looked after properly.

Always ensure you understand the process and aftercare of any treatment you're receiving and ask any questions you may have; qualified doctors and nurses will be able to answer all of them and put you at ease.

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