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Top 4 At Home Anti-Ageing Remedy Myths

4th October 2014

There is a lot of buzz over home remedies delaying the effect of time on your skin. Unfortunately, a lot of the techniques suggested can be a big waste of time. We've compiled a list of the biggest myths surrounding anti-ageing solutions that you should be aware of:

Myth 1. 100% “Natural” products cause no irritation

It's a common belief that products made from completely natural ingredients are the best for you skin as they won't cause any harm or irritation. Although natural products may be more soothing and gentle on some people's skin, it's naïve to just assume you won't have any reaction.

This is why it's wise to talk to a qualified dermatologist about what products and treatments would be appropriate for your skin-type. They will guide you through the process; providing recommendations and reassurance that your skin is in safe hands.

Myth 3. Sunscreen is only needed in the summer

People often think that sunscreen is only needed when it's sunny, and the sun can't cause any damage if it's hidden behind large grey clouds. In fact, UV rays will reach your skin regardless of how cloudy a day it is so it's important to always have that protection. A lot of foundations and moisturizers on the market now have sunscreen in the formula so you don't have to worry about layering on a sticky, cloggy layer of sun-block every morning on top of your usual products.

Myth 4. The pricier the product, the better the results

Every month a new must-have product comes out that guarantees a younger face and less wrinkles. By claiming to use the latest technology and 'break-through' ingredients, companies often charge extortionate prices for creams and lotions that have very little scientific evidence to suggest they do anything.

Before spending a good chunk of your monthly salary on such products, you should visit a qualified clinic where you can discuss with a dermatologist what the best options are for your skin.

Myth 5. One size fits all

As with clothes, careers and pretty much every aspect of life, there is no treatment or product out there that is suitable for absolutely everyone. Anything claiming to be, is lying, it’s that simple. Understanding your own body and your specific needs is the only way to come up with a plan that will work.

Talking to experts about the different anti-ageing treatment options available is needed before making any decisions, as they are qualified and experienced enough to know what would be best for you.

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