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The Importance of Facial Massage

31st October 2014

Our faces deal with a lot; from tension and stress that leave visible marks to harsh weather that wreaks havoc on our sensitive facial skin. For many of us, the face is an area that is often overlooked when it comes to proper skincare. One method for helping us maintain healthy skin is through facial massage, which is thought to benefit you for the following reasons:

Improves Overall Appearance

Facial massage increases blood circulation which improves your complexion and give you a healthy glow. It also stimulates the lymph nodes, which decreases facial swelling and puffiness; it relaxes tight facial muscles which lead to wrinkles, and can remove dead skin cells. These all contribute to a more youthful, fresher complexion.

Release of Toxins

The pressure applied through the massage releases toxins in the skin and relieves the pores of built-up dirt and oil. For people with acne prone or sensitive skin, facial massage can assist in maintaining a clear complexion.

Healing Energy

The face has many energy meridians that which can be activated through massage. By activating them, it is thought to soothe physiological, emotional and psychological needs which, in turn is reflected in the face.

Facial massages may be a decent way to keep a clean and bright complexion as well as relieve stress, but at-home treatments are unlikely to provide the long-lasting effects that non-surgical procedures in experienced clinics have the potential to.

Dermatologists are trained to recognise which treatments are appropriate for your skin and which will have the greatest effect. Having the support of a medical professional can put you at ease knowing that you're in safe and trustworthy hands.

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