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The Facts About Coloured Tattoo Removal

24th October 2014

Many people experience buyer's remorse about their tattoos and luckily there is a simple and safe method available to have them removed, or at the very least, cleared enough so that they're barely noticeable.

There are many factors that contribute to how easily a tattoo can be removed, and these will vary depending on the individual. It's important to consult with a professional and never make a decision without the advice of a medically trained specialist. Only then will you have realistic expectations of what results you can achieve.

Different Colours

Black is typically the easiest ink to remove with laser treatment, as are darker colours such as dark blue and red. Other colours such as yellow, purple and pink can have mixed results, but generally brighter colours are more resistant to the laser treatments with green tending to be the most difficult to remove.

However, it's difficult to determine which colours will react better to the lasers, as there are hundreds of different ink recipes that all react in their own way. Sometimes multiple laser types need to be used to remove certain inks.

Other Factors

Colour isn't the only factor that effects tattoo removal. Whether or not a tattoo was done professionally can determine how long it will take to remove. Amateur tattoos could potentially take more treatment sessions than those that were professionally done. Additionally, skin colour, tattoo complexity and tattoo age can affect the difficulty of removal.

Multiple Treatments

No matter what your tattoo looks like or the different colours used, tattoo removal is a long process and you should be prepared to have multiple sessions to have it completely removed. The success of each session can also depend on your own immune system, so understanding the potential risks and recommended aftercare procedures before starting treatment is critical.

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