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The Dangers of Unlicensed Hair Removal

11th October 2014

The pressure of having zero body hair, for both men and women, is constantly growing meaning people are constantly looking for cheap and easy deals for permanent hair removal. Unfortunately there are a number of businesses out there that may offer you a great deal, but lack the qualifications and training needed.

The internet is littered with horror stories of people making naïve choices when it comes to beauty treatments, often leaving them emotionally and physically scarred.

Vanda Thomas' Laser Hair Removal Nightmare

In February 2014, Vanda Thomas from North London decided to get rid of the hairs under her chin at a salon she has been to for other beauty treatments. What she hadn't considered though was treatments like massages and facials require a completely different level of expertise than treatments like laser hair removal.

After being told the intense pain she experienced was normal, Vanda soldiered through the 20 minute session. The treatment left her with first degree burns and permanent scars. Along with the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations, Vanda is fighting for proper regulations to stop putting people at risk.

Here is what a laser hair removal session should look like:

Who to trust

Here are a few questions you should always ask in order avoid putting your skin in the hands of someone who doesn't know what they're doing:

Ask how many treatments your 'specialist' has performed

Understanding the level of experience the person performing your treatment will be a big indicator of how safe and reliable it is for them to treat you.

Always check how many sessions they recommend

The number of sessions you need will vary depending on the area of the body and your skin. Anyone who suggests there is a standard amount of sessions needed is only interested in making money than doing what's best for the individual.

Ask if having a tan will affect the treatment

Anyone who says that having a tan will make no difference is not to be trusted. The laser will have to be put on such a low level to avoid burning the skin that the treatment will unlikely to be effective.

Going to a registered, licensed clinic with experienced doctors and nurses is the best way to ensure you get the results you want. Next time you're on a voucher site and you see a deal for laser hair removal that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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