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Regular hair removal is no longer just for women

19th October 2014

Hair removal has predominantly been a female-targeted industry due to the social pressures for women to get rid of any body hair they may have. This pressure may still be present, but it's now spreading to the opposite gender. More men than ever are choosing to regularly groom their excess body hair due to societal demands.

Pressures of manscaping

Men are no longer expected to keep their facial hair under control; with as many as 60% of 16-24 year olds regularly grooming their body hair according to Mintel. With 13% of men removing their chest hair, a carpet of chest hair is no longer a sign of virility or masculinity. It's not just the chest though; the entire body is under scrutiny, with the underarms, back, bottom, arms, legs, feet and even eyebrow receiving some form of hair management.

The worry of having a hairy body is often caused by the fear of it making them less attractive to prospective partners. Research by Braun claims 62% 'manscape', and 27% of them say it has made them more popular with the opposite sex. Particular focus to the trend was made more public during the 2014 Commonwealth Games where the swimmers showed off their hair-free, stream-lined physiques.

How are they doing it?

There are many methods that today’s modern man are choosing to fight the fuzz. Shaving, plucking and waxing are the most obvious hair removal options; even the 'boyzilian' is gaining steam - the male equivalent of the Brazilian wax.

Another technique that's increasing in popularity is laser hair removal, as it gives both men and women a more long-term solution. It works great for men due to the versatility of the treatment to be used on numerous body parts. You're able to tailor your treatment to make sure that you get the results you want.

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