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Can you look younger with egg on your face?

22nd October 2014

The debate over whether eggs are good for you or not has been going on for years, but the question may not always be targeted towards internal health. Eggs are often included in at-home remedies for both acne and anti-ageing.

The apparent benefits

Egg whites are claimed to help tighten your skin after application onto your face; as well as reduce the size of pores and remove dead skin cells. After rinsing, some have claimed the effect feels like a short-term facelift.

By opening pores and removing dirt, egg whites could have the ability to remove whiteheads and regular use has the potential to nourish the skin from the protein.

The whites aren't the only part of the egg that interested beauty experts. Dr Nicolas Perricone (celebrity dermatologist) boasts excellent anti-aging results by including eggshell membrane in his face cream due to the anti-inflammatory properties they have.

The different masks you can try

Egg white and Honey

Egg white and honey can soothe and soften irritated skin. All this takes is a tablespoon of honey along with the white from one large egg and a few drops of tea tree oil. Rub it gently into your skin, avoiding the eye areas, and allow it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Egg and Apple

As the egg white tightens your skin and opens your pores, the apple pulp will exfoliate away dead skin and dirt. After putting a medium sized apple (peeled) into a food processor to create a pulp, add the whites from two eggs along with a few drops of lavender oil.

Does it actually work?

At-home remedies are incredibly popular with anyone wanting to stay looking youthful and keep their skin glowing without spending a fortune. Dr Julia Tzu argues that there isn't really much scientific evidence to suggest eggs have properties that contribute to skin rejuvenation.

The top tip dermatologists will always recommend is to always wear sunscreen and protect your skin from UV rays. Any home treatment should always be discussed with a dermatologist as they are qualified to tell you what's best for your skin. They will also be able to tell you your options if you want to try a treatment that provides a more long-lasting effect. They will also be able to tell you your options if you want to try a treatment that provides a more long-lasting effect.

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