Blogs from October 2014

  • The Importance of Facial Massage

    Our faces deal with a lot; from tension and stress that leave visible marks to harsh weather that wreaks havoc on our sensitive facial skin.... read more

  • Courteney Cox Anti-Ageing Laser Skin Treatment

    It will be quite a challenge to find someone who doesn't know about the TV show 'Friends', even if they weren't a huge fan. One of the stars of the show that dominated the 90's has openly admitted to using non-surgical procedures to slow down the effects of time on her skin.... read more

  • Salma Hayek's Acne Story

    Even though most people think of Salma Hayek as an outstandingly beautiful woman with flawless skin, it turns out that like many of us, it wasn't always that way. She suffered for many years with debilitating acne which led to depression and weight gain.... read more

  • Your Tattoo Removal Checklist

    Getting a tattoo is a big decision that should be considered carefully, and in much the same way, having a tattoo removed requires equally careful consideration. Before going ahead with the procedure, make sure to ask an experienced and qualified dermatologist the following questions.... read more

  • The Facts About Coloured Tattoo Removal

    Many people experience buyer's remorse about their tattoos and luckily there is a simple and safe method available to have them removed, or at the very least, cleared enough so that they're barely noticeable.... read more

  • Can you look younger with egg on your face?

    The debate over whether eggs are good for you or not has been going on for years, but the question may not always be targeted towards internal health. Eggs are often included in at-home remedies for both acne and anti-ageing.... read more

  • Yes, You Can Get Acne There!

    Living with acne can be extremely difficult, but most people associate acne with the face or back. Although these may be commonly afflicted areas, they are by far not the only ones.... read more

  • Regular hair removal is no longer just for women

    Hair removal has predominantly been a female-targeted industry due to the social pressures for women to get rid of any body hair they may have. This pressure may still be present, but it’s now spreading to the opposite gender.... read more

  • Stop Acne Ruining Your Halloween

    Halloween is one of the few nights a year that you can transform yourself into anything you want; whether it's a cowboy, vampire or minion.... read more

  • Acne During Pregnancy

    Any woman who has been pregnant can testify to the fact your body goes through a number of changes, both internally and externally. Some of the more well known side effects (not necessarily the most common) include swollen feet, nausea, and even acne.... read more

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