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Your tattoo doesn’t make you as sexy as it used to

17th November 2014

Tattoos have long been a topic on debate. Indeed subjects such as whether or not to have one, what colours to use, best location on the body or whether you even like them have all been part of the “tattoo” conversations you’ve no doubt had at some point.

Given its previous taboo nature, some people regard those who are tattooed to be rebellious, sexy, scary or strong. It seems that the sex appeal of a tattoo is diminishing.

Tattoos are no longer seen as sexy

A poll, taken in the US, recently revealed that tattoos are no longer considered as “sexy” as they once were, nor the mark of a rebel. Similar findings were also revealed in the UK, and strengthen the idea that tattoos aren't regarded as 'cool' or in-fashion as more than a third of 24-34 year olds regret getting a tattoo.

Since these surveys were taken in 2012, and the numbers for tattoo removal is ever increasing, these attitudes are clearly gaining steam and growing stronger.

Increase in tattoo removals

According to specialists, tattoo removals have increased by more than 300% in Australia alone, and are on the rise in the UK as so many people are regretting their tattoos. However, it has also been found that laser tattoo removals have not always gone well.

The British Medical Laser Association and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons are reinforcing regulations regarding who can buy and practice laser treatments. Therefore, consulting an expert clinic with medically qualified laser removal professionals is one corner you just cannot cut. Knowing you can trust those performing the procedure is something everyone deserves, no matter the treatment.

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