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The Emotional Struggle of Living with Acne

5th November 2014

Whether you're male or female, everyone understands the difficulty having an unsightly blemish. However, for some it's not a question of covering up the odd spot, but is a constant problem that can be hard to treat and even when treated can lead to scars. This can have incredible impacts on one's emotional state.

Impact on daily life

Body Image

Acne can cause people to feel embarrassed by the appearance of their skin and will likely actively try to hide their face, for example by having long hair, heavy makeup or hoods.

Acne occurring elsewhere on the body can also stop individuals from participating in certain sporting activities that involve wearing certain clothing that may reveal their “secret”.


Feeling embarrassed by your appearance can often lead an individual to shy away and avoid social situations where their skin will be noticed. Unfortunately people can be cruel, and often school children can be particularly harsh and taunt those experiencing acne.

It can also be hard for people to develop romantic attachments as the lack of self-confidence may deter them from going out as well as the fear of (in their eyes, inevitable) rejection.


Lack of confidence is likely to come across in job interviews, which may make someone less likely to get the job. Acne may also cause people to rule out certain career choices that would involve them being visible to the public or interact with a large amount of people.

Help is out there

Not all people who experience acne (severe or not) will have these emotional responses, but don't forget that you're not alone. Having the support of your family, friends, GP and qualified dermatologists can help bring back your confidence. The latter can also provide treatment options if feel it's time for you to take action.

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