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The Ageing Effects of Fizzy Drinks

10th November 2014

Ageing of the cells

The research, carried out by Dr Mohammed Razzaque and colleagues, suggests that fizzy drinks actually cause an acceleration of cellular ageing in tissue. The protective DNA “caps” on the end of chromosomes called Telomeres naturally shorten over time; but the study found that they were shorter in those who drank fizzy drinks regularly.

Although this is hardly proof that soft drinks cause cellular ageing it still adds to the list of the various ways they can damage your health.


Other research carried out by Dr Razzaque and colleagues has suggested that the phosphate levels present in fizzy drinks could contribute to accelerated ageing. They claim that because phosphorous can influence the ageing process, the amount present in these drinks can tip the balance.

Alternative drinks

Vegetable juice has been praised as being excellent for your physical health; in fact the antioxidants present could even help prevent cellular damage.

Obviously more research is needed to assess the actual effect soft drinks can have on the ageing process but the magnitude of research showing other negative side effects just shows moderation is essential.

Although diet can play a role in the visible signs of ageing, time does eventually catch up with everyone. ageing is not something that people should be ashamed of; it happens to everyone and is a part of life. What people do want is to age gracefully and gradually which is where large amounts of sugary drinks can cause problems.

Knowing what to avoid is key, as well as what treatments can help keep the ageing journey as smooth and painless as possible.

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