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Kim Kardashian Uses Laser Hair Removal for Anti-Ageing

7th November 2014

Laser hair removal is a popular treatment among celebrities as it helps them to feel young and keeps their skin looking smooth and polished. However, no celebrity has made as much of a quest to be completely hair-free as Kim Kardashian. She has publicly expressed her love of laser hair removal and has stated that she has had it applied to every part of her body.

One area that Kim has not mentioned specifically, but has been an area of speculation for many, is her hairline. It seems to have become increasingly fuzz-free over the years.

Hair Line Laser Treatments

A surgeon and hair loss expert from the Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies, Asim Shahmalak, says that he believes that she's been treating her hair line with sessions of laser treatments to get rid of her “baby hair.” The effect of this is that her face seems much smoother and younger.

Treatment Process

About 10% of women have facial hair removed by laser treatments, most commonly from the chin and upper lip, but the hair line is far less common. If you also suffer from dark “baby hairs” on your hairline that you feel are ageing you, book a consultation to discuss your options.

The procedure uses a pulse of light to kill the hair at the root, so it must be done in multiple sessions in order to hit the hair follicle at every stage of regrowth. It can typically be carried out in around four to six short half-hour to hour-long sessions, but it depends your hair type, so you should always consult an expert before going ahead with any procedure.

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