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Drinkable vs Topical Skincare

13rd November 2014

As if there wasn't a vast enough array of skincare products out there to choose from, a new trend is emerging that instead of slathering your entire body with different lotions; you drink them. Obviously this does not mean drinking your moisturiser and creams; but specially created “drinkable” products.


Our skin can reflect the amount of nutrients and vitamins that we introduce into our body, as well as the toxins. Specially designed juices, enriched with vitamins and minerals, are therefore thought to help keep our skin glowing and stave off blemishes.

Does it match up to topical skincare?

Drinks full of “good stuff” aren't to be avoided as they clearly have some health benefits; but the benefits to the skin are uncertain. By drinking it and not applying to different areas of the body, you are unable to target specific skin conditions or reactions.

If you don't suffer from acne-prone skin and merely experience the occasional blemish, then diet could very much influence your complexion and these drinks could in fact help prevent them. But if you do have mild to severe acne, some juice is unlikely to make a difference.

Anyone with combination skin would likely require different treatments for different areas of skin. Drinkable skincare is unable to provide this.

Even topical treatments may be unable to give you the desired effects if not assessed by a dermatologist.

Your skin is like a fingerprint - unique to you - so it's important to treat it as such and not assume generic, over-the-counter products will be the most appropriate for you. Understanding the individual needs of your skin is the best way to start your journey for clear skin.

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