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Can yoga help keep you looking young?

15th November 2014

Using Yoga to prevent ageing

The yoga “queens” are often thought of as Madonna and Jennifer Aniston due to their unwavering loyalty to the discipline. Other celebrities have definitely followed in their footsteps; keen to keep tone and looking young.

Ryan Giggs, the current Assistant Manager for Manchester United, is one such example, claiming yoga helped him keep his muscles strong and flexible throughout his football career. This has been vital for his career as playing football or doing any strenuous sport will make your skin and muscles tighten, which could lead to injury.

Does it work?

Studies have suggested that yoga is a major anti-ageing benefit especially when you start earlier in life and combine it into your regular routine - consistency is key!

When done regularly, yoga strengthens and tones your muscles as well as stimulating your nerves; this will help improve blood flow and increase the release of collagen. The result of this is firmer skin that is less susceptible to wrinkles.

One of the main benefits from practicing yoga is its ability to reduce stress levels, which have been found to be a major factor in aging-associated diseases. Yoga is based on breathing properly is to check how many breaths you take within a minute; the target is to get it below 10.

Nevertheless, there is no miracle way to stay young and it is a fact of life that we will all age. That being said, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet will improve your overall health, helping you live longer. The aim shouldn't be not to age, but to age gracefully; in order to do this you need to know what your options are, whether it's a lifestyle change or actively seeking help from a dermatologist.

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