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Broad spectrum appeal sk:n clinics offer specialist treatments suitable for darker skin tones

18th November 2014

We know one size rarely fits all and this is certainly the case when it comes to choosing the right treatment for our skin. Not only do we need to consider our skin type (whether normal, dry or combination) but it’s also important to seek professional advice on the most suitable treatment for your skin tone and colour.
Those with darker skin tones are more prone to pigmentation and are at higher risk of burning from badly carried out laser or IPL treatments. For that reason, it’s imperative to visit a skin clinic with the most experience, strictest medical protocols and highest grade equipment.
Whether you’re looking to remove hair, eradicate blemishes or deal with pigmentation, the experts at sk:n clinics can offer specialist advice and advanced treatments to ensure you receive the safest and most effective results possible.
Laser Hair Removal
sk:n clinics use a variety of different lasers to be able to treat all skin tones. First of all, a practitioner will carry out a test patch to establish exactly what tone your skin is, using the internationally established Fitzpatrick Scale skin grading system. Then the right laser will be selected for you and calibrated to exactly suit your particular skin tone. This process eliminates the risk of skin burns, ensuring that the laser only targets the dark hair follicle and not the skin surrounding it. All practitioners are trained according to the strictest medical protocols and signed off by the in-house Medical Director following a period of supervised training. sk:n Laser Hair Removal is the safest and most effective in the UK.
Skin peels and Laser Resurfacing
Hyperpigmentation is the name given to the clusters of excess melanin in the skin, which result in brown, irregular patches. Because people with darker skins have more melanin, they are more prone to hyperpigmentation, especially following periods of exposure to the sun. Skin peels and/or laser resurfacing treatments can be hugely successful in treating hyperpigmentation, through removing the very top layers of the skin and thus the pigmented area and revealing new, even skin below. sk:n clinics offer a free consultation so that you can discover the ideal treatments for your precise concern.
Isolaz® is suitable for all skin types, pigmentations and most skin conditions. If you’re suffering from oily, acne-prone skin, Isolaz® works by helping to loosen and extract blackheads and excess oil with broadband blue light technology to help thermally destroy acne causing bacteria and reduce facial redness. Instant results can be seen with the first treatment which only takes 15 to 30 minutes. On average six treatments are needed every one to two weeks to give you up to a 90 per cent reduction in your acne and a clearer looking complexion for longer.

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