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At-Home Laser Treatments vs. Professional Clinics

14th November 2014

There have been recent improvements in home beauty technology which have caused a surge in the number of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machines on the market. These machines may allow you to perform laser hair removal at home but are they as good as the real thing from a professional hair removal clinic?

Time Commitment

While you can use a home machine whenever is convenient for you, as opposed to having to book an appointment during office hours, each session will ultimately take longer. The intensity of the light in the IPL machines is much lower than a professional laser, so each section of hair will take longer to do.

Additionally, hair re-growth will occur faster, so you will need to use it more frequently for it to be effective.


The cost of purchasing an IPL machine is may be less than purchasing multiple laser hair removal sessions, but you are also taking responsibility for taking care of the machine. Proper maintenance and replacement of parts such as the lightbulbs can add to the cost considerably.

Pain Management

Laser hair removal from a clinic, while not overtly painful, can cause quite a bit of discomfort which is why they typically use topical anaesthetics to minimize the pain. IPL home machines on the other hand, have level options that you can adjust if you find that the higher levels are too painful.

However, using the lower settings means that the procedure is less effective, so it will require more repeated sessions to get the same effect and the effect won't be as long-lasting.

Ease of Use

The IPL machines, while convenient, can be quite complicated to use properly. By visiting a clinic staffed by expert dermatologists, you won't need to worry about it being done properly. Since different skin and hair types can elicit slightly different outcomes, having laser hair removal from a clinic would ensure that there are no adverse side-effects. Consulting an expert can also ensure that this type of treatment is appropriate for your needs.

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