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Are Beards Good For Your Skin?

6th November 2014

November is well known as the month of facial hair but besides the charity aspect, what benefits could there be to having a decent amount of face-fuzz.


All those allergy-afflicted beard and moustache enthusiasts are in for some good news; the hair can provide a barrier to pollen and dust from entering your nasal passage. This will reduce irritation of the airways and according to Dr Gill Hart, could even de-sensitise you the allergy with the trapped dust in the hair.

Natural Sun-Screen?

Sun exposure is well known as one of the biggest ageing accelerators for your skin; not only a huge influence on the risk of skin cancer. With today's obsession with youthful looks, protecting one's skin from visible aging is a high priority for both men and women.

A beard can provide covering for a large part of your face, reducing the number of harmful UV rays that get to the skin. This could lead to fewer wrinkles and age spots according to dermatologist Dr Friedman.

Don't throw away your sun-cream just yet though; at least half of UV rays will still penetrate through thick hair which can damage the skin. This suggests that having a beard may not be as beneficial to one's skin as originally suspected.

As well as this, a beard definitely isn't for everyone - not only will some men just not like having one but some will be unable to have one due to their job.

Without a consultation with a qualified dermatologist, you should never assume something will prevent wrinkles and visible aging as it's unlikely to work. Even if beards do help slow down wrinkles, it only covers the bottom half of your face, leaving the top half to fend for itself.

Eventually, the effects of time catches up with us all, no matter how much facial hair we may or may not have. There's a number of treatments available to help you age more gracefully; perhaps reduce your crow's feet with Microdermabrasion?

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