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Acne & Acne Scars Support Sites

9th November 2014


Supportgroups.com has 100s of different groups, including Acne. The acne support section has over 2000 members and nearly 3000 separate posts.


Dailystremgth.org has a more extensive range of resources for acne sufferers. Not only does it provide forums that have multiple discussions going on at once, but those who join can post journal entries and photos - it's like a very niche social network. The community includes information and blogs on acne, including treatment options and “expert answers”.

There is one rather unique area to the site that that joins members as more of a community. Members are able to set themselves goals; for example weight loss or academic related goals. There is a tracking bar that says how long you've been working towards this goal and how far you are to completing it.

Although this is not directly related to acne itself, it provides a level of support that they may feel they're lacking. Acne can cause intense withdrawal and low confidence so having a support network for daily tasks can be invaluable.

Sometimes a level of anonymity to who you're sharing with can be comforting; there’s less of a pressure and sense of embarrassment. If you find acne is causing your life to be a struggle, having someone (anyone) to talk to is very important.

Obviously family, your GP and qualified dermatologists would be the obvious people to rely on as they can help you work towards actively changing your life for the better. However if you're not ready to take that step yet, or feel it's not appropriate for your situation then online support groups could be just what you need.

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