Blogs from November 2014

  • Can high blood sugar lead to more wrinkles?

    Growing old is a concern for a lot of people and whilst it’s not something we can really control, we can try and find ways to slow down the process. An important factor in this anti-ageing battle is diet, and you may not be aware but certain foods can actually speed up the formation of wrinkles.... read more

  • Why you should start your ageing skin routine early

    A good skin routine should be considered just as important as brushing your teeth every day, following a healthy diet and exercising. You might wonder when the best time is to start taking care of your skin, and the answer is “as soon as possible”. If you think being young means you don’t have to worry about taking care of your skin - then think again!... read more

  • Are you making your skin look older?

    Has taking care of your skin been your number one priority lately? If so, it's likely you have a routine that sees you moisturise or exfoliate your skin regularly; little habits that are the foundations of any beauty regimen for making your skin clear and young. However, unbeknownst to most of us, some of these routine activities are actually ageing your skin.... read more

  • Common Skincare Ingredients You Should Avoid

    Many women suffer from sensitive skin, which is only further irritated by some of the ingredients often found in skincare products available on the market. And it’s not just cheaper options that include these irritants.... read more

  • Broad spectrum appeal sk:n clinics offer specialist treatments suitable for darker skin tones

    We know one size rarely fits all and this is certainly the case when it comes to choosing the right treatment for our skin. Not only do we need to consider our skin type (whether normal, dry or combination) but it’s also important to seek professional advice on the most suitable treatment for your skin tone and colour.... read more

  • Your tattoo doesn’t make you as sexy as it used to

    Tattoos have long been a topic on debate. Indeed subjects such as whether or not to have one, what colours to use, best location on the body or whether you even like them have all been part of the “tattoo” conversations you’ve no doubt had at some point.... read more

  • Can yoga help keep you looking young?

    Yoga has been popular for a long time now, championed by celebrities and the world over for its promise of vitality and youth, leading to many willing to try it for hopes of health, fitness and youth.... read more

  • At-Home Laser Treatments vs. Professional Clinics

    There have been recent improvements in home beauty technology which have caused a surge in the number of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machines on the market. These machines may allow you to perform laser hair removal at home but are they as good as the real thing from a professional hair removal clinic?... read more

  • Fears about Laser Hair Removal

    At some point in time many women have considered laser hair removal, because let’s face it, it would ultimately make their lives a whole lot easier and save a lot of time. But with contradictory information circulating online, it’s difficult to know what the procedure is truly like and many people are afraid to take a chance. These are some common fears about laser hair removal:... read more

  • Drinkable vs Topical Skincare

    As if there wasn’t a vast enough array of skincare products out there to choose from, a new trend is emerging that instead of slathering your entire body with different lotions; you drink them. Obviously this does not mean drinking your moisturiser and creams; but specially created “drinkable” products.... read more

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