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Ways to cure an irritated scalp caused by acne

2nd May 2014

Severe acne doesn't only spread on common parts of our body like the face, it can also affect overlooked areas like the scalp. Below are a few tips on how you can cure an irritated scalp caused by acne:

Tip 1: avoid using strong styling products around the hairline

Most of us want styled and healthy looking hair with some of us applying styling products through out the day. There is nothing wrong with doing this but some heavy-duty styling products may be the main reason behind an irritated scalp.

With this in mind, try to use styling products that have little or no oil in them because oil can often clog pores and cause breakouts.

Tip 2: improve shower habits

Avoid delays between washes because a dry and flaky scalp allows for more build-up of dead skin cells and oils.

Avoid putting conditioner on the scalp directly by only applying it to the ends of the hair and ensure that you thoroughly rinse out the shampoo every time you shower.

Tip 3: choose the right choice of dandruff treatment

It's easier to just purchase over-the-counter products like anti-dandruff shampoos, but if your dandruff is a reoccurring and long-term problem, it might be beneficial to find out the root cause of the issue from a professional dermatologist or your GP.

How else can you tackle your acne-prone skin?

Acne can be an ongoing issue, so it wouldn't be surprising if you are fed up with your usual temporary fixes. Seeking a permanent solution like starting acne treatment sessions at a reputable skin clinic like sk:n would help.

To find out more, get in touch with one of our skin experts by booking your free non-obligation consultation today.

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