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Vanity... on a whole new level

5th May 2014

Men are rapidly catching up with women, when it comes to being vain and perfecting their looks.

Meet Matt Danford, an image obsessed fitness model and Dreamboys stripper, who has already spent £100,000 on his grooming regime and various skin rejuvenation treatments.

What has Matt Danford done to achieve that perfect appearance?

Matt from London, frequently gets his eyebrows shaped, eye lashes tinted, goes to regular tanning sessions, invests in pedicures, manicures, hair removal, facials and much more. He has recently said: “I’m constantly looking after the way I look and ensuring my hair and skin are always perfect”.

He consistently trains three times a day, six days a week at the gym to ensure he maintains his ‘buff’ outlook.

Matt has no regrets about spending an excessive amount of money on his looks. “I know £100,000 seems like a lot of money, but looking good makes me happy. You wouldn't think anything of a musician spending money on their instrument to sound as good as possible.” he said in a recent interview.

How to groom yourself in a more subtle way to Matt Danford

There is no harm in making an effort to look good. You don't need to be an extremist like Danford and obsess over your appearance. You can however, treat yourself to one of the popular treatments like chemical skin peel facials, available at various skin clinics like sk:n and add some glow to your skin.

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