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The power of yoga, meditation and laser for PCOS control

31st May 2014

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disturbance in women of reproductive age, affecting an estimated 5 to 10 percent of all women around the world.

The severity of your PCOS condition really depends on how well you manage it. A great way to manage your PCOS better, is to basically make sure your hormones are kept at a good balance and that you’re making the most of laser treatments like laser hair removal to minimise some of your most common PCOS symptoms.

Below is a short clip on how activities like healthy food consumption, yoga and meditation can help control your PCOS better.

Useful points from the clip that might be helpful to you

It is worth knowing more about what foods you should be consuming if you are suffering from PCOS. In this clip, we are advised to focus on eating foods like fish and vegetables, which are high in nutritional value. These will help reduce levels of testosterone in your body.

It has also been pointed out in the clip that practicing oriental moving meditation techniques like Yoga and Tai Chi will help you balance your energy and hormonal balance better. This type of exercise technique helps produce happy hormones, decrease stress levels and help you lose weight.

Cutting down on your coffee, alcohol consumption and completely giving up smoking are great ways to win your battle against PCOS. This is because these habits adversely affect your health, skin and fertility, also affecting your ability to heal, detoxify and to de-stress.

Further advice to take on board

As mentioned earlier, laser treatments like laser treatment for acne work wonders on helping you relieve some of your common PCOS related symptoms like acne and excess hair. If you want to feel better about the way your skin looks, it will be worth getting some expert advice from a qualified dermatologist at one of our sk:n clinics.

Remember to also implement some of the tips given in the clip above and factor them into your PCOS treatment plan so you can stop your PCOS from overpowering your life.

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