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sk:n at a closer glance - what our nurses have to say

18th May 2014

sk:n clinics have been dominating the cosmetic industry for over 20 years and have helped millions of clients with their skin problems. A recent survey has recently shown that some of the lead nurses at sk:n have been working with them for at least 15 years and have received numerous training sessions, as and when they were required.

Sk:n clinics have not only tried their best to keep their clients happy but they have also tried to ensure their employees have been taken care of in the workplace. Some of our nurses recently filled out a questionnaire for us, giving us their views on the brand and the treatments that are carried out here.

What our nurses had to say

From the responses that were collected, it seems that laser hair removal treatment has been the most popular procedure among a diverse set of clients.

According to the senior nurses, sk:n uses a variety of quality assurance methods to ensure the standards are always kept high in each and every one of their skin clinics. Some of these quality assurance methods include: regular testing of products and treatments, hiring experienced and trust-worthy therapists, carrying out frequent audits, and investing in good quality training sessions.

The majority of the nurses have also revealed that they have hardly receive any customer complaints, have high customer retention levels and it is a great pleasure performing treatment on these clients.

To summarise

It is evident from the findings of the questionnaire, that both the clients and nurses are highly satisfied with sk:n. The nurses at the clinics have been approached by thousands of clients about different types of skin conditions, with hair removal and acne-prone skin being the most talked about during the consultation phase.

To find out more about the various skin treatments that are available at sk:n, get in touch with an expert skin specialist today at a sk:n clinic near you.

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