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sk:n at a closer glance - what our clients have to say

21st May 2014

sk:n's reputation for excellence in the skincare and cosmetic industry has grown tremendously over the years. Nothing gives sk:n more pleasure than to help a new client start a journey towards the perfect skin.

The therapists at these clinics try to gain as much feedback from their clients after a treatment session as they possibly can by giving them a client feedback form to fill in at the end of each treatment. We recently put thousands of client responses together to discover more about their experience they had with us. Here is what we found out...

What our clients have to say

A large sum of these clients are new to skin treatments and it is virtually the first time they've ever visited a skin clinic. There are a number of factors that have attracted many of these clients towards sk:n like our ongoing promotional offers, referrals from friends, our informational website and the locality of some of our skin clinics.

It has also been noticed that majority of our clients are pleased with the outcome of their treatments, with one client even stating ‘...I am delighted with the results of my laser hair removal and no longer feel self-conscious about facial hair or worry about it getting worse in the future. I am now considering which area of my body to have done next.’

With this in mind, we want to continue providing the best customer experience for all our clients.

Want to find out more about sk:n?

The team at sk:n are more than happy to welcome anyone who requires help with their skin with most of our existing clients describing us as a really friendly, professional and approachable company in their client feedback. If you have ongoing skin problems and would like to talk to one of our skin specialists then why not book a free consultation with us today?

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